Company Profile

Marriana International was established in Karachi about more than three decades ago for manufacturing of toiletries and healthcare products. Availability of the products at competitive rates suiting to different segments of the society have made them quite popular. An innovative leader, Marriana International, is committed to improve the quality of the products matching the requirements for people of all age groups.

Marriana International has a network of distribution channel throughout Pakistan. Distributors and sub-distributors have been appointed at several locations to ensure free-flow of products throughout the country with constant monitoring by the Field Force engaged for this purpose. It has not only attained the position of market leader amongst local manufacturers but has also started to export to different countries due to its superior quality and presentation.

Wide range of products including Toothpastes, Mouth Wash, Talcum Powders, Shaving Creams, Shampoos, Liquid Soaps, Hair Colours, Facial and Bleach Creams, Lotion etc. are manufactured under the three brand names i.e. MEDICAM, TOUCHME® and Italiano® packed in different sizes for marketing based on the system leading to customer-satisfaction.