Company Profile

A Synonym of Quality & Perfection!

The life of an organization depends on its ability to build vision and develop leadership. Medicam Group of Companies has emerged as a result of dynamic leadership and constant growth in sales and improvement of profitability. It is managed by well qualified, experienced, capable and dedicated professionals.

Today’s business environment is volatile and unpredictable. Organizations require people with a clear vision of future trends. The best way to predict the future is to create it. The strategic planning, effective implementation and transparent evaluation are made before projecting new targets. Comprehensive reports both in units and values of the products are compiled so that accurate forecast and achievable results may be obtained.

The first commandment in marketing is ‘know thy customer’ and the second ‘know thy product’. Exhaustive arrangements of training to the sales personnel by the professionals exist in the component organizations. It facilitates the team in discharging their duties, achieving the desired results and satisfying the customers.

Global Competition

We are living in times of exponential change. Global competition has arisen and trade barriers no longer provide the safety they once did. Competitive pressure, expanding markets and growing customer expectations have contributed to the need for Research and Development. The Group keeps a vigilant eye on these factors and provide facilities for successful operations under the prevailing circumstances.

While formulating Group Policies, the key factors like geo-political scenario, marketing environment – potential and growth, social-cum-cultural conditions, quality ideology, changes in Govt. policies etc. are taken into consideration. In-depth studies and analysis of these and other allied factors have enabled the Group to maintain high growth rate and consequent expansion.

Distribution Network

The Group has an extensive network of distribution of its products in Pakistan. Distributors and sub-distributors have been appointed throughout the country in order to ensure product availability with constant monitoring by the field executives. Hospitals (Government and Private), Clinics, Pharmacies, Specialists, Consultants, Physicians, Super Markets & General Stores are detailed and covered by our representatives and the sales are monitored by Marketing & Sales Department.

The Group has attained not only the status of market leader of several categories amongst local manufacturers but has also commenced with exports to several countries due to maintained quality and consequent demand of our products.