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Laxacam Drops
15 ml

Non-Habit Forming Laxative
  • No Griping
  • No Cramps
  • No Toxicity
  • Safe and Painless Evacuation.

  • Restores normal Physiological process.
  • Excellent performer in both acute and chronic
       constipation,can be given to all ages.
  • Non systemic devoid of side effects.
  • No contraindication during pregnancy.
  • Non irritant and non habit forming.
  • Single dose at night for radiological tests.

  • Composition
    Sulfolax 7.5mg/ ml. (1 ml=20 drops)

    (bisodic salt of 4,4(2-picoliliden)-bis-phenylsulphuric acid).

    Pharmacological Properties

    Laxacam (Sulfolax) is a new concept in Laxative field. Laxacam is physiolaxative which acts on the colonic mucosa. It acts by contact and stimulates the development of physiological peristaltic movement of large intestine. Laxacam is metabolised by colonic bacteria to active compound bis(p-hydroxypheny1) pyridy1-2-methana. Laxacam is not absorbed from gastro-intestinal tract. It is therefore devoid of side effects and can be used for a longer time without complications.

  • Acute and Habitual constipation.
  • Bowel evacuation.
  • Constipation during pregnancy.
  • Bowel clearence before:-
  •    radiology, endoscopy, surgery.
  • Preoperative preparation.
  • Post operative constipation.
  • Normalisation of bowel function in children.

  • Dosage
    ADULTS 10-15 drops as a single daily dose.

    2-5 drops as a single daily dose or as directed by physician.


    Laxacam is harmless and is not absorbed into the blood, therefore there are no contraindications.

    Side Effects

    None. Laxacam is nontoxic and nonsystemic devoid of side effects.

    Plastic Dropper Bottle, Pack of 15 ml.
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