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Lorival Tablets
3mg (3x10's)

Relieves anxiety and treats patients by improving emotional, functional and psychosomatic disorders.

The advantages of  Lorival Tablets.
  • Very rapid onset of action.
  • Low dosage reduces tension and anxiety.
  • High doses perform as sedative and muscle    relaxant.
  • Improves concentration and performance.
  • Improves emotional well being.
  • Improves overall psychomotor activity.
  • Excellent patient's compliance and tolerability.

  • Composition
    Bromazepam 3mg per tablet.


    Emotional disturbances. Acute tension and anxiety states. Difficulties in Interpersonal contact, Agitation, Insomnia, Anxious, agitated depressive reactions. Functional disturbances in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems (pseudoangina pectoris, precordial anxiety, tachycardia, emotiogenic hypertension, dyspnea, hyperventilation) in the gastrointestinal system (irritable bowel syndrome, epigastric pain, spasm, bloating, diarrhoea, ets.): in the genitourinary system (frequency, irritable bladder, dysmenorrhea) psychosomatic disorders, Psychogenic headache, psychogenic dermatosis, Asthma, Gastric and duodenal ulcer, ulcerative colitis. Emotional reactions to chronic organic disease. Adjuvant to psychotherapy in psychoneurosis.

    Myasthenia gravis.


    Average dose for ambulant therapy: 1.5-3 mg three times daily. Severe cases, especially in hospital:6-12 mg two or three times daily. these amounts are average recommendations, and dosage should be individually determined. treatment of ambulant patients in general begins with the lowest dose gradually increasing if necessary to the optimum level. After about three to six weeks according to progress in therapy, dosage can usually be gradually reduced and then stopped.

    Side Effects

    Lorival is well tolerated. Side effects such as fatigue, drowsiness and rarely muscle weakness can occur with high doses. No evidence of toxic effects on the blood, or on liver or kidney function has been revealed by the clinical experience.


    Elderly and debilitated patients:
    LORIVAL may modify the patient's reactions (driving ability, behaviour in traffic, etc.) to a varying extent depending on dosage, administration and individual susceptibility. The established medical principle of prescribing medicaments in early pregnancy only when absolutely indicated should be observed.

    Blister pack of 3 x 10 tablets.
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