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Heptocam Capsules
(Silymarin + Vitamins)

confirms Heptocam (Silymarin + Vitamins) an oral therapeutic for chronic liver diseases.

The present study was carried out to evaluate the response of silybum marianum (Heptocam) in the management of CLD. Heptocam is the preparation of silybum with fortified vitamins.

Patients, Methods and Results

Patients of CLD coming to the liver clinic of this centre who had a raised ALT (three times normal) were included in the study. The diagnosis of CLD was based on clinical, biochemical and serologic basis with histology done in a few cases. A significant number of patients showed a subjective response in their clinical symptoms like increased appetite, feeling of well being, reduced right upper quadrant pain, reduced nausea, and improvement in asthenia and fatigue. Only one patient had an uncontrolled diarrhea, necessitating the termination of Heptocam silymarin therapy. No other side effects were observed.

This small study with a limited number of patients using Heptocam (Silymarin with Vitamins), shows some legitimate hope in traditional oral medication; as a few of the patients showed some clinical and biochemical response. It was however found that younger age and hepatitis B positive serology are predictors of favourable clinical response. The first line treatment with IFN and Ribavarin is too expensive to be used freely, has a limited success rate in inducing sustained remission, a higher rate of toxicity, and a significant relapse rate in our population where CLD is quite prevalent and there is no other definite therapy to offer. There appears a reasonable room for the traditional medications to be used for much longer duration in CLD. The search for cheaper, more effective, locally available, and an affordable form of therapy without much toxicity should continue.

    Heptocam protects the liver cell membrae by preventing lipid peroxidation.
    Heptocam stimulates the phagocytic and bactericidal functions of the sinusoidal cells.
    Heptocam increases the synthesis of ribosomal RNA and proteins.
Each Capsule or 5ml of suspension contains:
Silymarin 105 mg
Vitamin B1 8mg
Vitamin B2 8 mg
Nicotinamide 24mg
Vitamin B6 8mg
Calcium Pantothenate 16 mg
Vitamin B12 25 mcg

Major part of Silymarin is excreted via bile after oral administration. Silymarin is excreted mainly through kidney with its metabolites. The excretion lasts above 24 hours. The amount excreted from bile is 20% to 40% of the total dose.

In acute condition. Two capsules twice daily.
Two teaspoonful twice daily.


Usual dose in liver dysfunction is one capsule or one teaspoonful twice daily or as directed by the physician. In some chronic cases or cirrhosis therapy might prolong for positive results.


Heptocam suspension:- In many severe cases one to two teaspoonfuls twice daily. In maintenance and moderate cases one teaspoonful twice daily.

Acute and chronic viral hepatitis.
Chronic hepatitis.
Liver cirrhosis.
Fatty liver.
For protection as detoxificant against liver toxins.

As an adjuvant therapy with tuberculostatic and cytotoxic drugs causing liver damage.

Not reported.

Side and Toxic Effects

Not reported during many clinical trials; safety profile is very high too because of no adverse effects except mild laxative or mild diuretic in negligible patients which is also a benefit in hepatitis.

Blister pack of 30 capsules.
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